Winter is coming

        The snow is coming down and creating a bright blanket over Geilo. The cold beautiful season we love is finally back. Oh how we love snow. It gets a bit quieter, the snow dampens some of the noise around us. It gets a bit lighter, the snow gives light even to the darkest night. The snow can be shaped to what one wants, it can even be our home a stormy winter night, only imagination sets limits.

Winter gives us great opportunities to create some joy and warm thoughts in an otherwise cold season. Together in winter we will go for a ride and light a fire in the woods. On our way we will see if there are any animal tracks in the snow, learning what animals make which tracks. Perhaps an trip over the frozen lake, the ice is safe. If we are lucky, we see the whole starry sky and can learn to find some famous stars. Together we will sleep outside in a tent, we will keep the heat even in the coldest winter night. Learn to light the fire and cook on the fire. What wood burn well, big or small, what’s dry and what’s wet. This will be an unforgettable experiences you’ll will never forget. you’ll get great food and we are going to enjoy ourselves.

What does the fish do in the winter? There is something we need to figure out this winter! For this year we are going to ice fishing. We go out to the ice, drill holes in the ice and see if we find any fish there in the depths, they must eat some in the winter too? We find that icefall out of.

Skiing is part of the winter for us. You must join us! No matter if you have never been skiing before or not, that’s something we want you to. It’s never too late to learn. Experience the skis slipping over the snow and the frost bites easily in the cheeks is a feeling that belongs to the winter, a wonderful feeling.