Fishing trip on Hardangervidda (3+ days)

This is the trip for you who loves to fish and want to experience an adventure out of the ordinary. With the Hardangervidda at our feet, we will look for spectacular water with beautiful trout. It will be long days with a lot of fishing. The daily distance is between 6 and 15 kilometers. Accommodation takes place at various DNT-cabins where we finish the day with a 3-course dinner of local produce. 


 Day 1: 

The trip starts at Halne Fjellstugu where we take the Halnekongen boat over Halnefjorden to Sleipa. From the dock we go down along the Sleipa river to try our fishing luck. The trip to Heinseter Tourist Lodge takes around 3 hours, plus we take time for fishing. On Heinseter we will eat 3-course dinner, have time to relax and sleep in a good warm bed. 

Day 2: 

We start the day with breakfast at Heinseter before we pack the bag and get ready to continue the fishing adventure. The trip goes on to Rauhelleren. The course is 14 km and will take around 8 hours including fishing. We start with fishing rods in hand and move down the river until we reach Nedre Hein. Here we pack the fishing gear and continue for a while until we reach “Geitsjøen”. This is the outlet for Djupa - a river that is well known for having a lot of fish. We will fish all the way up Djupa to Langesjøen. From Langesjøen it is 2 km left to Rauhelleren where we end the day with dinner and a delicious bed. 

Day 3: 

We wake up in a beautiful setting at Rauhelleren and eat a good breakfast. This day becomes more a transport day where we go from Rauhelleren back towards Halne. The road continues in great high mountain terrain and we will pass “Store Nordmannsslepa” trade route that went from east to west. From Skaupa there will be a boat over Halnefjorden and we will end the trip on Halne Fjellstugu. 

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 Equipment List: 


  • Rainwear (jacket and trousers)
  • Thin windbreaker jacket and trousers(with good moisture transport) 
  • Underwear in wool / wool mix + extra shift
  • Socks with a lot of wool and good fit + extra shifts
  • Wool jumper/ jacket or thin down jacket 
  • Hat
  • Wool mittens or other mittens / mittens that are hot even when wet 
  • Lightweight indoor shoes and indoor clothing 
  • Mountain boots and gaiters
  • Shorts and t-shirts (wool / synthetic fiber) if warm weather has been reported


  • Backpack with space for everything
  • Fishing gear for your own use
  • Water bottle (min. 1L)
  • Waterproof bag that fits the bag (or rain cover outside the bag)
  • Sleeping liner (light sleeping bag)
  • First aid cases (rhinoplasty and sports tape)
  • Toiletries (only the needed) and a small / light towel 
  • A little toilet paper in a bag
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Mosquitoes Mediterranean / mosquito nets
  • Small knife
  • Matches / lighter
  • Small headlight / flashlight
  • Food / candy for the day and drink bottle (possibly hot drink)
  • Money /card
  • Membership card in DNT (if you are a member)


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Price per person: 6000 NOK 

The price includes: Boat t / r. 2 nights with 3-course dinner, breakfast and lunch. Parking at Halne Fjellstugu. Three days fishing license. 

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