Huldre Forrest

Experience the huldre people closely through the pictures of photographer Margrete Birkeland. There will be magical atmosphere in the forest with stories, bonfires and alluring songs in Huldreskogen.

About Huldra taken from Store Norwegian Encyclopedia:

Hulder, in Norwegian folklore and in legend, are a female vet living in piles and hamlets. Hulder are used as a collective name on underground. There are many tales about huldra; She is beautiful, but has a tail and there is sometimes wrapped in her back. She is known to lure humans and often marries people. Huldre people belongs especially to the serenity tradition, they have cows that are very good. The Huldre people are musical, many playmates learned from the Huldre people, huldre playing and huldre songs. Folklorists disagree about the origin of the Huldre. Some perceive them as the souls of death, some as fictional creatures of psychological nature or natural fictions.

1-person 1100 NOK

2-persons 1900 NOK

3-persons 2100 NOK

4-persons 2600 NOK

5-persons 3100 NOK

6-persons 3300 NOK

7-persons 3650 NOK

8-persons 3760 NOK

9-10 persons 4050 NOK

For larger groups (up to 50 people) it is possible to order a very special experience with an intimate concert and local food cooked  over the fire. Contact us for price.

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