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Winter- Night saw it`s light in 2016 when we met at a ski instructor course at "The Norwegian ski school» in Geilo. Hilde is from Bergen and Jørgen from Trondheim, and then after much laughter and a cozy night came the idea alive. An evening walk around the lake in Geilo with primus under the stars and a serious «brainstorm», we agreed that this is the best idea and the needed to be done.

We are both Outdoor educators. Sleeping outside in the winter in a tent or snow cave is something very special, we both mean and nothing would please us more than to be able to share that joy with others. Many have never tried it, and it may seem like a very impossible thing that never will work. We have also been in that situation as you, but after many nights with a lot of success and error we are now both experienced in the winter camping. We are totally crazy about being able to share our experience and give you the opportunity to become confident and gain profit through a winter night.


I am 39 years, born in Bergen, emigrated from Norway in 1998 to learn about life. I ended up in Denmark where I was trained physical actor and singer. In 2007 I went to Seville for three years, a great adventure. I have sung concerts in many parts of the world and taught singing since 2005.

Now I'm finally home in Norway, educated wildlife instructor and ski instructor. Many have been in my company the first time they have moved into the Norwegian nature in winter and summer. You can also find me at Geilo as ski instructor or Filefjell as a winter mountains supervisor. Winternight is something I am passionate about and will put my soul in.

In summer, I replace the snow out with the sea, as supervisor I kayak. I inspire Danish families to get out in nature, with skovsjov. I have also been in Greenland as a kayak guide and teacher at the adventure guide technique education.

Read more about me at www.hildekarlsen.com


I am 26 years, born on a beautiful April day in Trondheim. Has a bachelor's degree in outdoor education and is above average at being outdoors, whether the trip is one hour or one month, each trip has their own special charm.
I am currently working in Geilo as ski instructor, but when the snow melts and the flowers again pups and welcoming spring, I come down of the mountain and head to the sea and the job as activity director at Haraldvigen where I teach Norwegian school kids about life in the ocean.

I like to think I can just about anything and if, in a situation this isn’t true, I figure it out. There is nothing in this world that can’t not be taught, that I mean applies to all regardless of age and other factors. I hope to teach you to be safe in the backcountry and find fun and joy in the beautiful Norwegian nature.

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